• Ever feel you're repeating yourself? 
  • Wish there was a way to facilitate customer to-ing and fro-ing? 
  • Frustrated waiting for messages to sink in? 
  • Wishing there was an easier way? 
  • Wishing you could offer more before starting? 
  • Wishing they had a checklist with notes to guide them? 


We often find ourselves learning new things, and we all absorb knowledge differently.


How does Roughcheck help?

Roughcheck helps anyone get up to speed quickly and at their own pace - conversations can be faster and more productive from the start.

It can take time to understand new concepts and ideas, it can also be useful to brush up on existing knowledge, extra background can be helpful, sometimes clarifying basics is all that's needed for knowledge to click into place. other times more extensive research can be helpful.

Aligning thoughts, offering help, glossaries for unfamilear words and clarifying existing ones, and background knowledge to a process, conversation or task can make significantly better use of limited time.

Virtuous circle / continuous learning

As conversations proceed it's easier to identify additional help, expanding / rephrasing existing information,
and where appropriate adding edge cases making the experience even more productive.

Cognitive refresher

A brief summary with optional notes as a crib sheet / refresher, keeping new found knowledge current and ready to run.

Call to Action

Making it easy to take next steps, whether it's in person, phoning, emailing, or clicking a diary, helping everyone continue their journey is an easier click to a productive meeting.




Try an example and see how effective it can be at listing essential topics with appropriate questions and help. What if, for just one of your tasks, productivity could be increased with a Roughcheck assessment.

Try it out

Start making better use of time and create your first Roughcheck today.